Rustic Redo

My table desperately needed some help! With a three year old who has spilt everything from cool-aid to spaghetti on it and not to mention the wonderful art work the thing looked disgusting. I was flipping through one of my favorite western magazines( you know the ones you can never afford anything in but you still flip through to get ideas) and found a gorgeous table. My table was very similar so I headed out to home depot for the paint to redo it.

I forgot to take a picture of the table put together but here are the before pictures of the chairs , table top, and legs of the table. Now the first step I took was sanding the table top just enough to get all the cool-aid stains and pen marks off. Then I applied Min wax gel in the color walnut with a paint brush.
Then I wiped it off with ( don't tell) with one of my significant others undershirt. You don't want to use a towel because of the lint so the cotton shirt worked perfect!
Then I let this dry over night. The next day I used a fine grain sandpaper I think 120.... and then I started to distress the table.

Now its time to put a a finish on the table. I used min wax again in the walnut as well. I applied it with a paint brush evenly with the grain.Then using another under shirt wipe the stain off.

Let this dry again completely. The stain directions said 6 hours or so but I was impatient. Next I applied a couple of clear coats.
Now to the table legs
I painted the legs this gorgeous color of turquoise....I swear I could paint everything in my house this color!! Next I took my trusty palm sander and distressed it.Then I took the stain I used on the table and applied it too the spots where I wore down with the sander.
I did the same thing with the chairs basically, expect on the seats of the chair I applied the gel,stain, and the clear coat like I did to the table top.

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  1. O yay someone else who LOVES redoing furniture just as much as I do! It is super cute Ann!! I am looking forward to more posts from you! -Alyssa


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