Self doubt is the biggest enabler....

Yesterday I started reading a book my mom had given me... who knows how long ago.... and I have to share it. The book is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

The book is basically about how you can be or have anything you want in this world all you have to do is change your way of thinking. As long as you have self confidence and quit worry about the "what ifs " in life ... you can have all of your desires. It makes sense to me.... If you are confident and you know what you want in life and you wont stop until you get it then you will succeed...however if you want that dream career but all you do is think of the ways you cant have it how are you suppose to get there.... If you have a burning desire and your determined you can do absolutely anything you want in your lifetime.

I feel like sometimes we get so focused on what we cant do to get where we want to be we over look everything we can do. If we are always focusing on the negative how are we suppose to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I honestly feel like anyone no matter what race,gender, social class, religion, etc you are... you can do absolutely anything you want to do with your life. What determines how you get there is directly depending on yourself and your desire to beat the odds. It might be harder for some than others but life is hard and its time to get over that!!!

I'm excited about the book and its motivated me to start thinking in a more positive manner... lets face it it's way easier to focus on the negative things in life but I'm tired of worrying about tomorrow I want to focus on today and what I have to offer the world today!!! I have so many dreams and passions I am not going to be a prisoner to my fears or the "what ifs" any longer.

P.S. They happened to make a movie about the book...I haven't watched it yet but here is a link to the full movie on Youtube

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