Rustic Chic.... My kind of Style

I have a very eclectic style ( I seem to think It's probably just my extreme un-diagnosed case of adhd) But any who instead of trying to focus I just embrace my all over the place ass. I'm trying to redo  my house decor.... Its so hard lol especially with my condition!! Theres so many things I want to do!!! One thing is for sure....I'm doing away with the lonestar theme! I'm a Texas gal and theres nothing else I love more than my Texas summer nights and lets face it Texas country music makes me weak in the knees.... but the Texas lone star has got to least in my house. I'm thinking rustic chic / bohemian chic is the route I'm gonna take! I guess its time roll my sleeves up and makes some big girl decisions!Check out some of my favorite looks......

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