Dress Yourself Skinny!

Lose 20 lbs in 20 SECONDS

So lets face it... we all have are our problem spots! What women don't realize they could drop 10 lbs plus by the way they dress!!! Here are 5 tips for any body size to remember when they are out shopping!!!

1.  Buy clothes that fit!!!!  There's nothing appealing about muffin tops exploding out of your pants!( I have the worst love handles ever) .... but its more flattering to keep them suckers tucked away!!!

If you have my problem with love handles or you have a problem with your tummy area avoid low cut jeans... I know this was a hard one for me to grasp! I love hip huggers but the tummy flap over the top of my jeans had me wearing larger tops to cover that nonsense!!! So now I buy jeans that come up to around the belly button area .. so I can nicely keep all the flab in place making me look like I have no tummy or pesky love handles!!!

 If they can't see it they think its not there!! It doesn't matter if your a size 1 or a size 15 ... a muffin top is not flattering!!!

The same goes for you gals who buy over sized clothes!! It swallows you up making you look frumpy!!! If your going to buy three sizes too big at least belt it so we can find your waist line!!!

2. *** my biggest secret pay attention****

Empire Waist bands!!! Buy clothes with a high waist band.... it catches you at  your smallest part and the rest flows away hiding tummies, muffin tops, big booties, saddle bags....shall I go on or are ya following me?!?!? The same goes for tops!!! If you can't find a high waist line then belt your dresses or shirts at your waist!! Again giving you the appearance your a two sizes smaller!!

3.  Peplum tops and dress!! Similar to the empire waist band , peplum tops show off your smallest part of you!! They also show of how curvy your body is and very flattering for anyone! I love this style so much! Plus all the celebs are sporting it!!

I honestly think this look great on any body size... but I actually prefer it on someone who isn't a 00. I think women need curves... I think any guy would agree with me!

4. Shapers! Shapers work like a charm especially for last minute or formal events!!!

Depending on the shaper it might be a little uncomfortable for daily use ( unless you share my theory on no pain no gain!)  But its great at smoothing those problem areas down and keeping them contained!! 

** if you wear a shaper make sure they are hidden.... its not cute to see them peaking out the bottom of you skirt or dress!!

5. Wear solid colors! Wearing all one color helps lean and tighten!! Black as we all know is by far the best at giving us the appearance of losing 20 lbs!! Try to stay away from large prints because LARGE makes you look LARGE..... 

Well ladies that's my tid bits and tricks! Stay Fabulous!!

What are your tricks?! I'd love to know comment me below!

It was nice chatting with y'all!!


Ann- The Rustic RedHead

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