Back to School!!

I'm not really sure where the heck summer went but its that time of year again!!! My babies are growing so fast ... forget where did summer go where the heck have the past six years went!!! Me and my husband are extremely busy with both of our businesses and I sometimes question if I  will we regret not putting a few things on hold and doing a little more with the kiddos. But truth of the matter is without our businesses = no income which in return means my sweet babies have to struggle too. So I've decided to bust my butt the next couple of years until our business have blossomed then take a little extra time out... (  Now don't get me wrong we have valuable family time and we do fun things but I think we could do an even better job!)

So with the new school year here its time for me to sloooowwwwww time down just a bit. One of the things I plan on doing is taking a photo of my extremely photogenic cuties each and everyday... On top of the photo I am going to purchase a journal for the both of them and I'll put a little something about them each and every day! One day they will cherish these treasures and since I'm not the best about catching our family memories  on video this will fill that " I'm a horrible  mom" feeling I tend to get thinking about it.( especially when I think about the empty baby books ... I'm cringing thinking about it!!)  I feel like this is more personal and after I'm gone one day something they can appreciate! It also gives me some quiet time to reflect on my blessing and how wonderful our God is!! 

Below are some cute journals for a little added inspiration!!

It was nice chatting with Y'all! What are your thoughts on journaling? I'd love to know.. leave me some love below!!

Ann - The Rustic RedHead

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