Blogging Printables!!

So I've been on a roll and pretty consistent with this whole blogging thing lately!! I love to blog and have really decided to buckle down and do things right.  One thing that I've recently started to do is plan out what I am going to blog about for the entire week. This allows me to publish high quality posts versus last min junk posts!! I found some great free blog planner printables that have helped me get focused and organized!!

If your interested in starting your very on blog go check out these printables!! Too cute!! The ones I'm currently using are from Domestic8d and you can check them out here!

And if you want the blogging 411 head on over to Life With The Crust Cut Off for series covering all you need to know about blogging !!

It was nice chatting with Y'all! Have you been wanting to dive into the blogging world? I'd love to know more leave me a comment below!!

Ann - The Rustic RedHead

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