Diamond Candle Review/Giveaway!!


Hannah Wood is the lucky winner!!
Thanks everyone who entered the giveaway!! Check back for future contests/giveaways

The moment has finally arrived!!! Yay!!! I was contacted by a representative from Diamond Candles to do a review of their product{which just came in today!} and they are giving one of you lucky readers one too!!! 

I had never heard of Diamond Candles before... so as excited as I was, I was super curious about the brand. I went to their website and boooyyy did I get even more excited!!!! Diamond Candles aren't just ordinary candles.... Each candle has a ring inside that could be worth $10, $100,$1,000, or $5,000!!!! 

Check out their video!Diamond Candles

I chose The Black Raspberry Vanilla Candle!!!!

My first impression... 

The candle is a nice size and packaged in a lovely glass jar with matching lid.
It smells FABULOUS! Burn baby burn... I'm ready to get to the good part!!!!

Ok Part 2 Ring Reveal!!

Well after anxiously waiting a little over three hours I decided to give it a try! Lets just say the next blog post I do will be how to remove wax from your clothes!! I recommend not doing what I did... Watch the video on how not to extract a ring from a Diamond Candle!!! Lol and excuse my kids!

Unfortunately, I got a ring with no real value! Oh well it was super fun and would be a great gift!!!!{the actual candle not the ring lol} The candle had the shop smelling delish all day .. so I might not of scored on a diamond ring but I was left with a high quality candle that smells GREAT!!!!

Now its your turn.... Enter to win your very own Diamond Candle!! Maybe you will have more luck than me!!

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  1. Anonymous9/01/2013

    Thank you for the review! Lovely ring you got! Good luck with the giveaway everyone!


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