Labor Day Chevron Wreath

I have a wreath hanging on the shop door and everyone loves it!! HAHA it was a Fourth of July wreath that I have failed to take down .. but now its labor day so its all good!!

They are super dooper easy to make!!

Two packages of plain burlap ribbon.
A package of burlap in your choice of colors 
(I chose red chevron...obviously)
Metal wreath base  

I start by pre-cutting my wire so I can quickly attach the burlap.

I attach the plain burlap to the outer edges and leave the middle to attach my contrasting burlap.

The secret is to attach the burlap to the little division pieces....I hook the wire around the bar (not the metal circular pieces but the pieces that hold the circles together, sorry my brains not working this evening..that's the best terms I can come up with. Then, put your burlap in the middle of the wire and twist until its secured to the wreath base.

Continue to do this all the way around... When you reach where you started go back around but this time on the other outer side.Don't worry about cutting the burlap...just keep it going until you run out or reach the end of the second round.

Now, take your contrasting burlap and attach to the middle sections. All done!! Told you it was super easy!!!

I made a little bow and attached it for some added flair!!

Happy Labor Day!!!

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Ann- The Rustic RedHead

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  1. Anonymous9/03/2013

    Super cute wreath! I love the chevron ribbon you used!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party


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