Have faith and everything else will fall into place...

I'm so exhausted this morning as I cling to my Starbucks cup sipping on my Pumpkin Spice Latte waiting for the slightest spark of energy! I have a list of things I could be doing today, but I'm stuck at the shop! Some people tend to think owning your own business means free and flexible schedules.... I can only laugh at that!! I love being a small business owner but it takes hard work and commitment. As much as I love my business there are def those days I cry to and from work asking my self questions like....When will life get easier? Is this really what I am meant to do? Am I running my business efficiently? What am I doing wrong? what am I doing right? ...  

That's when I have to lay everything down to my Savior. I know I was  put in this situation for a reason and I know if I trust him and be PATIENT{ a trait I def wasn't blessed with} he will come through for me and my family. When I get overwhelmed between the shop, Jon's car lot, and my duties as a mother.... I simply just walk around my shop looking at the brand I have built in the past two years. It doesn't take long for me to soak in my blessing and let go off all my worries. I am so blessed and I def wouldn't be where I am if it hadn't been for so many people rallying me and praying for me. Living for today and not tomorrow is so important. I was put in this situation because I'm here to inspire women everywhere to follow there dreams. Its not an easy job but the reward at the end of the day is so much sweeter!

Following your dreams is scary, I know. I still remember the hesitation as I walked through the doors to sign my very first lease. At that point in my life I felt like I had nothing to lose. I was in the middle of a spring semester studying a degree I grew to hate. I dreaded getting up in the mornings and found myself slacking off! I knew then I wasn't where I needed to be.... But I truly believe If things are meant to be the doors will open! God has big plans for you just like he does for me! I encourage you to pray and he will lead you to the path you need to take! 

It was so nice chatting with Y'all today! Remember God has big plans for you... 

Ann - The Rustic RedHead 

P.S. Something that has helped me so much is KLOVE... its a radio station that only plays positive and encouraging christian music! I challenge you to take the 30 day challenge...its life changing!

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