Jack O' Lantern Candles....Easy as Pumpkin Pie!!

I got up early this morning and after enjoying a nice breakfast  at Cracker Barrel with the hubby,  I decided to make a trip to Hobby Lobby. So as I walked through those glorious doors, kid free mind you, I decided to take my time and walk each and every isle!!! Now if you have kids, you know its a rare treat to stroll through any store by yourself ESPECIALLY Hobby Lobby!! { All I was missing was a latte from Starbucks!}

I've been needing magnets and a paper cutter/puncher thing.... but I wanted to get some supplies to make a cute craft for y'all too....
I walked each and every isle trying to find inspiration!!! Everything I could come up with required sewing but I'm at the shop until 6 today!!! So as I rolled my cart filled with the ONLY two things I came for, I felt two things:

1. disappointed my creativity wasn't at all working this morning 
2. Super impressed, normally I have a cart filled to the top plus some and nothing I originally came for!!

But as I reached the checkout counter I noticed a basket filled with candles... CLEARANCE candles... as I glimpsed into the basket I found a few round orange candles.. then I remembered a cute craft I came across the other day {check it out here} and I knew exactly what I could do to spruce them up for Halloween!!! 

{The candles have a spring scent...  but clearance is clearance ya feel me!!!}

So I pulled out my trusty sharpy and got to doodling!! Took literally 10 seconds and I threw them with this cute printed {fake} candle that was in the clearance basket too! 

BAM... cute side table decor for Fall/Halloween!!! 

It was nice chatting with y'all!!! Hoped you like my easy as pumpkin pie craft!! Leave some love below!!

Ann- The Rustic RedHead

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  1. Sometimes those quick & easy decor ideas are great to do. I was looking for a fall project today & didn't find one. But, I have something to re-purpose. I think I need to head to the craft store. Drop by sometime I am @DearCreatives I have a link up you can join in too if you like sometime. Love to have you pop by.

    1. Will do Theresa! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Now this is such a cute idea. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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