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My daughter loves to get all dolled up and prance around the house like royalty!  I was set on throwing her a small but magical birthday party this year.... only fit for the finest princesses around of course!! Poor Miss K gets toted to work with me everyday and stuck in a shop shes not allowed to touch anything, so I wanted to make her birthday extra special.As I went into full planning mode I knew I wanted to incorporate dress up clothes for the girls. I decided on re-purposing an old book shelf into a dress up wardrobe.. It would be a splendid touch for the party and would look darling in Miss K's room after!

I used an old dresser we had in our bedroom that was collecting dust and junk. 

Sanded it down and rolled on a couple coats of primer.

 After the the primer was completely dry, I rolled on a couple coats of mint paint.I thought mint would pop nicely against the cotton candy pink walls in Miss K's room.

I drilled three holes on the side of the shelf and inserted drawer knobs. This made the perfect spot to hang boas and jewelry.

Next, I screwed three hooks along the top trim, two on the sides and one in the middle, then hung a bright pink sash across them.

Lastly, I added a tension rod on the inside to hang the gowns on.

I re-purposed the book shelves into princess signage around the party that would also serve as wall art for Miss K's room . 

It was a magical afternoon and a huge success !!

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm so excited to have the opportunity to guest post here at Gingerly Made!
Have a blessed day !!

Ann-The Rustic RedHead

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