Kid Bedroom Inspiration

My poor house can't keep up with my growing family. With no intentions to move in the next year  I'm having to come up with a plan to make the space work for the 5 of us. I got the itch to refresh and declutter randomly and sold off all my kids current beds.
I'm going to replace them with wooden bunk beds along with a matching single bed. My hopes are to put all the kiddos in one room to sleep and design a separate space for play. I'm hoping this will help me cut down on clutter and make the rooms more functional for the kids as well. 

My inspiration is of course cactus/southwestern with a mix of Aztec prints. If you know me at all or have seen any recent Instagram post you know I'm totally crushing on all things cactus. I ordered the most precious cactus sheets from Target eeekkkk.... my excitement is unreal at this point. 

My poor kids have zero clue whats going on ... mostly because I know there will be issues when they find out they are shacking up together, but I think they will end up loving what I create for them after it's all said in done!

I plan on posting pictures as I go so stop back by!


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