Party Planning Printables

I've waited to the last minute to throw together my daughters birthday party this year. I decided on a theme and color scheme a few months ago and the fact it's a week out and I've done absolutely nothing makes me so mad with myself ohhh and slightly stressed!! 

In times of chaos nothing helps me more than a good checklist. 

Red Beans and Rice

Seriously nothing beats a good crock pot dinner! They are easy, tasteful, and hellooooo you're not slaving in the kitchen after a long tiring day. I mentioned the other day I've been really trying to come up with some new crock pot recipes. I tend to stick to my favorites and that gets a little boring for everyone.

I decided to try my hand in some good ole Cajun red beans and rice. I stumbled across 
Grand baby Cakes recipe and the pictures look irresistible. 

This recipe was easy to throw together (as long as you don't forget to let the beans soak over night)
It's jam packed with flavor and left everyone completely satisfied after a big bowl.

The only thing I did different was....

Free Cut Files For Fall Themed Coffee Mug

My silhouette purchase has been the best thing since sliced bread....FOOOOrrr Reall!!!! I've had it for several months now but lately I have been using it daily for all sorts of cute customized projects.

Now I scour the house looking for things that need personalizing lol!

Yesterday's Pumpkin Spice Coffee Syrup called for a special project. After picking the kids up from school me and the gang rolled to the closest dollar tree to find the perfect mug to serve the perfect fall beverage in.

We succeeded... gosh I love me a dollar tree!!!

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Syrup

Call me crazy but I have made it personal goal to not drink Starbucks for 30 days..... ugh for someone like me who goes daily multiple times a day this will not be an easy task. My new mint Keurig has help the struggle but as pumpkin spice latte season draws closer and closer, I'll need a little extra reinforcements to keep me strong!


Back to school was this past week and I've been trying to come up with yummy crock pot recipes to keep us from eating out on our busy week nights. One of my families FAVORITE meals is my bbq pulled pork sandwiches which we make quite often. It has actually become a favorite amongst all my family and has been popping up at more and more family gatherings.  It's super easy , feeds large crowds, and is super yummy!!!! ( check the recipe out HERE).....but I tend to always have quite a bit left which never gets eaten. 

Well that was until today.......

Chocolate Chip Cookies

A good chocolate chip cookie recipe can compare to that little black dress every gal should have in her closet. Like a little black dress its simple, timeless, and irresistible. It's super easy and lets be honest not to many people can resist a soft buttery cookie with bits of mouth watering chocolate in every bite. 

Back to School!!!

Back to school time is near and I don't know about you  but this momma is doing a little dance!! I love my children don't get me wrong but I now work from home and having three crazy kiddos means I can't get anything accomplished...EVER!! With summer coming to an end all I can dream about is schedules, strict routines, and early bed times.

If you're like me and so ready for school to start, you will love these cute back to school diy projects!!!

I love customizing school supplies!!! Sometimes you get lucky and find super cute things and other times you stuck with blahhhhhh everybody has it supplies!!!

Check out this adorable water colored binder covers.