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I'm now over at!!

Come visit our latest post on how to propagate your oregano plant!!

I've moved!!

I've been desperately wanting to rebrand my blog and what better time than now. I had to build a wordpress website so its taken me forever to get moving on everything.

You can now find me over at Whole & Hearty

It's brand spankin new so it is a little empty right now but starting today I will only post to
Whole-Hearty You can still expect to find delicious recipes mixed with some lifestyle and travel. I really hope you follow me over... you won't regret it!


Almond Joy Cake

I had plans of baking up this ultra rich dessert for Easter but never got around to it. With high hopes of starting a paleo diet next week I thought what better time than the present. Indulging before I embark on my " healthier" lifestyle just felt right.... hopefully it doesn't make my transition harder!

This is a pretty easy recipe but takes about an hour or so to whip up. 

Kid Bedroom Inspiration

My poor house can't keep up with my growing family. With no intentions to move in the next year  I'm having to come up with a plan to make the space work for the 5 of us. I got the itch to refresh and declutter randomly and sold off all my kids current beds.