Fabric flower tutorial # 1

fabric of choice or ribbon
alligator clips
hot glue\

The first step:  Cut a circle out of the felt .... the size you would like the flower to be
Next twist your ribbon or fabric... put a dab of hot glue in the center of your circle and place the ribbon on the glue.

keep twisting your ribbon and hot gluing it
 to the felt as you go. It doesn't have to be perfect or folded a certain way just eyeball it as you go.

If there is still felt showing after you get the size of flower your wanting just trim it off. Then add some embellishments in the center of the flower. I like to use blinged out buttons or beads. If you go to antique stores sometimes you can find some really pretty clip earrings...just take the clip off the back and now you have a beautiful center piece for your flower!
Now to finish your flower add a alligator clip on the back and a pin. I like to do both in case one day I need a hair piece or  as a broach the next day to accessorize a sweater!

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