Fabric Flower Tutorial

This is the easiest flower to make! It looks stunning on a headband or just as a clip! Heres how to make it....
first you will need:
silky fabric
tulle or neting(optional)
hot glue
Depending on the size flower you are wanting... cut out circles of you silky and tulle fabric that gradually get larger, and cut a small circle of your felt.
Next take your silky circles and run a lighter across the edges all the way around. This will make the edgles curl up like petals of  a real flower. Make sure you don't hold it in one spot to long or you will burn the fabric.
now place a small dab of  glue in the center and then place a circle of tulle on top of it then add a silky petal and continue to rotate until both tulle and silk are used up. 

 Then add your button!
Lastly add your pin and clip on the back...refer to Flower tutorial # 1 on how to apply

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