Scrappy NO SEW bow!

Isn't his so cute!! Saw a similar style bow online for sale for around $30....had no felt but I did have plenty of fabric and ribbon!!
ribbon and fabric scraps( If you just have one that's fine!)
head band
hot glue

#1    cut fabric in 3 inch by 1 1/2 strips
#2 now scrunch the fabric in the middle ... looks kinda like a noodle.
Using your hot glue gun put just a little dab of glue in the creases where your fingers are holding the fold.
I made about 5 little bows in three different colors.
#3 Cut a rectangle out of felt.

#4 Now start layering your bows...there is no right and wrong just eyeball it.
#5 I added some folded up strips of tulle to give it some texture.
#6 Now attach to a headband

All done...wasn't that easy!!!

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