Turkey Day Outfit Part 1 Fabric tutu

So I have been seeing a lot of cute Thanksgiving themed outfits all over the Internet! Here's my take on a tutu cute Turkey Day outfit!
** fyi there are two #8 on my picture steps the first one is meant to be a 7 in case anyone missed that!
Fabric of choice
Tulle in coordinating colors

#1 Choose your fabric, then cut 1 1/2 inch thick strips. To figure out the length measure your lil one and times that by two. so Lets say you want it 11 inches long cause that is where it hits your lil ones knee... then your going to cut 22 inch long strips.

#2 Measure the waist of your kiddo subtract an inch. That is how long your elastic needs to be. Then sew your elastic together. If you don't want to sew use a safety pin, or tie it in a knot. If you want to tie it try using a thinner elastic band its easier to double knot.

#3  I use my leg to stretch out the elastic band so I can fit as many strips as I can to make a full skirt. Don't over do it though because you elastic will loose elasticity. Then fold your strip in half and loop your strip under the elastic.* you can also use a paper towel roll or vase.

#4 The place take the end that is open and pull through the loop at the top. If that's confusing just look at the pictures its kinda hard to word.

#5 Pull through and continue to do this until your skirt is full.

#6 Using the same technique I added some tulle for a contrasting texture...I thought it needed

#7 Make some fabric flowers...you can find these tutorials in previous posts.

#8 Using hot glue gun attach to the front of your tutu.

All done!!


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