Part 2 Turkey Day outfit!

Black Shirt
extra fabric in coordinating colors
iron on adhesive
sewing machine

# 1 start by drawing out your turkey(Here I used two different size circles to trace) then Cut out

#2 then in a different color but out your feathers. I cut a template out of construction paper so my feathers would be the same size and shape. Now stick all the parts of the turkey wrong side down on iron on adhesive.

 ** make sure you stick the fabric to the right side of the paper!

#3 Now cut around your fabric pieces and flip adhesive side up and iron it on...the peel paper off

#4 Now time to assemble your shirt. Starting with the feathers arrange them on  the shirt how you want them.  When there where you want them iron them on the shirt.
#5 Now place your Turkey body in the middle and iron.

#6 Now get your sewing machine out ... I  used a zig zag stitch to go around all the feathers as well as the turkey body. Here's what I set  my tension and stitch length to.

 *** I started with the  Turkey body then the feathers.

Lastly add your face to your Turkey. I use some scrap fabric along with fabric paint.

If you have any questions leave me a comment!

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