Chicken Alfredo

Yum chicken Alfredo is one of my favorite go to quick meals during the week!!! Its a really easy, quick, and delish meal that will have dinner guest begging for the recipe!!!

1 stick butter
1 bar cream cheese
Pint of heavy whipping cream
container of powdered Parmesan.( the ones you buy to sprinkle on your spaghetti)
salt and pepper
Bow tie noodles

#1 Follow my perfect chicken tutorial and once chicken is moved into the oven to finish up move to next step.

#2 Get a pot of water boiling...make sure you season it good with salt and olive oil. Once it boils put them noodles in!

Now for the sauce....

* melt butter in a skillet and add garlic....( I forgot to buy fresh garlic so I substituted it for garlic powder.... and you if you use garlic powder add it after you add the cream don't over add you can always add more to taste later but you can't take it out)

* Add cream cheese ... its not going to melt completely it will be a little lump

* whisk in cream make sure you whisk until butter is completely incorporated

* whisk in cheese
salt and pepper to taste!

Done!!! I made ours cajun pasta all I did was season the chicken breast and add some cajun seasoning on top a little goes a long way.

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