Phew...What A DAY!!!

First off I just want to announce the winner of the stoned out sunglasses!!!

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Timestamp: 2012-01-04 01:39:43 UTC

Ms. Michelle your the winner!!!! I'll be getting those to you ASAP!!

Now for the shop UPDATE!

Today I finally got the last of the dreadful vinyl scrapped up...and let me tell you that is a job I would prefer to never do again( my hands look like I've been doing manual labor for years lol)!!! There is just a couple rows left in the bathroom that need to be done but I've basically checked that off my list!
Got the sign ordered today!! It will be ready tomorrow!!
Finally got my EIN number in the mail so tomorrow I can open my business account!

Phew I'm one tired momma and its just the beginning!!!  So now you know I'm not neglecting you lol I will have plenty of pictures to post at the end of the week so check back!! But since I've not posted anything in awhile here are a few project highlights from my fav blogs!!

I love this!!! When it comes to the kids toys I like things to be in order!! Everything has it own little spot I love this...Its def going on my list of to-dos lol and its a very very long list!!
I love these!!!! Its now or never for this project! Living in Texas doesn't give us much opportunities to wear winter clothing!!Lol its January and its been 60-70 degrees!

This is too cute!! I'm consonantly searching for my charger and moving it around the house to where ever I'm working. With this little guy its not only easy to find but too cute and easy to move from place to place!!

I'll post more later but the dogs howling at the door and the kids are having melt downs!! Its time for bath and bed!! Then I get to clean the kitchen do a couple of quick loads of laundry then once my sitter gets here its off to the shop for some more work!!!


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