I LOVE to shop and never have I considered it  hard work or overwhelming!! But after this weekend at the Dallas Market lol I'm gonna have to go ahead and say it was  exciting but o so exhausting !! Hahaha after ten billion band aids after day one we finally settled on some great products for the shop Saturday!! I'm so excited and can't wait lol its only right that I get one of everything that I order right?!?!? I mean I put all that hard work in bhahaha! But anywho there are some pretty exciting products coming and I'll keep everyone updated on the stores opening , thinking mid-late February !
                                                 As far as the shop goes...its coming along! I finally got most of the interior painted! I bought an amazing color for the outside can't wait to show you!! So on my list of todo's this week:

* Finish all interior painting
* Strip the floors and prep for stain
*Paint outside of store
*Stain floors
* paint furniture for store

                    I have a full plate not to mention still have to be a good mommy/wife/ student!!! Is it bad that I would be completely content as a college drop out lol!! I hate school its a waste of time and energy and money for me!! I don't want to sound like a  unintelligent idiot I know school is crucial its just what I'm going for I'm so far from passionate about it and its hard to keep myself motivated to go!! Enough complaining ....But make sure you go like my facebook page on updates on the shop and keep an eye out for a very special giveaway that is in the near future!!!


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