So after a hectic morning running like a mad woman and opening up shop 40 min. late I was not in such a good mood!! Then while I was posting some updates on The Rustic RedHead facebook pg (when I finally got to the shop)  I came across these pictures!!! Isn't Morgan gorgeous!! Not only is she easy on the eye but shes wearing wearing an outfit straight out of The Rustic RedHead!! I was so excited to see something I hand picked for my store displayed on this dropped dead gorgeous model!! Needless to say my day has gone from ughhghghgh to Yayayaya!  

      I cannot believe I have finally found the courage to follow my heart and open up my boutique that I've day dreamed about in countless education classes I had no desire to be in! Its so nerve wracking in the beginning to think of what if this happens or what if I can't do this... But after you take the plunge the nerves all go away at least for me they did. Now my outlook on my business is how can I make it grow what can I do to expand and how can I dominate shopping in downtown Belton...rather than what if no one comes to my shop...what if they don't like the products I carry!! Someone asked me the other day if I had a back up plan or what I would do in case things don't work out like I planned ... All I could tell them was there was no back up plan I'm putting my heart and soul into this...this is the only thing I can imagine myself doing the rest of my life so I'm determined to be successful if that means I have to stumble until I can master retail than that's what it means. If it doesn't work one way I will readjust and tweak somethings and go at it again!! I'm one determined woman and I have so much passion for what I am doing that theres not a doubt in my mind I will succeed!!

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