Sorry everyone I've been swamped at the shop lately and never got a chance to fill everyone in on Pooh!!! A few days after the news broadcasting of Poohs story some girls contacted my parents to tell them they had found her. They happened to already be in San Antonio that day passing out flyer's and following leads they had been given so they were reunited shortly after the call. But if you ask me there is something very odd about the entire situation..... First of all why did the family wait so long to contact us after the broadcasting if they had the dog??.......And honestly how many ppl would of really excepted 3,000$$ for a reward when it was obvious how precious she was to my parents and how worried they had been. Now my parents did offer the money so yes I do in away think the ppl were entitled to it and maybe they were hurting for money and this could possibly help them  ..but something just left a bad taste in my mouth when I had heard they had counted the money in front of my family and showed up in an older model escalade but still a  Cadillac Escalade Suv.
Another reason I think things aren't really adding up.... One of the witness a young boy at the restaurant with his family, had mentioned to his parents he had seen a young lady messing with my parents truck then she proceeded to get  in and drive off. He mentioned the lady had been wearing a red shirt...whats significant about the red shirt ....well for starters all the employees wear red shirts at Pappasitos. The time the truck was stolen it happen to be right at shift change and coincidentally during the security guards shift change as well. That's not all parents had their meal discounted because their food took longer than necessary to get to them. My parents vehicle wasn't the first vehicle stolen out of the Pappasitos parking lot either , there was another victim and their car was stolen during the same time right a shift change and in between the security guards shifts.And to top that off( ya you thought that would be impossible but just wait for it) Pappasitos corporate office has now decided they are not going to release the security tapes that could possible lead us directly to the car thief!!! Ohh but it gets better there have been reports of 5 other vehicles in the area that all have been stolen, all have had pets inside, and all have paid a "reward" to get their pets back.....If you ask me it sounds more like a ransom than reward...

Anyways I guess we will see what happens ... As of right now only one man has been arrested after trying to pawn my parents cameras that were inside the truck when it was stolen but no other arrests have been made ...Oh and they found my dads truck not to far from the Pappasitos stripped and abandoned!!!!


thanks you so much for everyone that has helped spread the word on pooh its because of you we found her!!!

Ugh what is wrong with people these days!!! So Sunday 4/15/12 My parents were headed home from their ranch in South Texas. They decided to stop in San Antonio to grab some lunch before they continued their trip home. While at Pappasitos off of I 10 in San Antonio someone  stole their truck with our precious pooh inside!! we are desperately searching for her in hopes they dumped her and someone might find her! There is a $$2500 cash reward if she is returned please please spread the word this dog was like a child to my parents and is very cherished!!!  She recently has had surgery and still has staples and a shaved leg!!

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  1. Sherry Reiser5/07/2012

    Not sure if you found your puppy, but I did a quick search on Craigslist and this one was found in SA. Looks a little like her. Hope so...


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