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Spring and Summer is here my two favorite seasons especially when it comes to fashion!! The department stores and boutiques are filled with vibrant colors and patterns along with fabulous textures and light fabrics!!Who doesn't love a great summer dress! What should you have in your closet this summer?!?!?!.. Going to be focusing on what every fashionista should have in her closet this summer, over four weeks we will be looking at something different!

Well for starters you must have LACE!!
Right now lace is HUGE and lets be honest its just flat out amazing!! I love the dainty O so feminine and vintage feel of lace!( FYI this girl could not be happier about this trend I'm a lace addict!) Whose wearing lace you ask....well who isn't??

These are just a few of my favorite celeb ladies all rocking lace!!
Lace is great cause anyone can wear it no matter their age and it can be worn so many different ways. Lace can be sassy,sexy, and sophisticated...its really timeless!!

For a casual look pair lace shorts with a solid top similar to what Kristin did in the picture above, or lace top with a pair of cut of jean shorts, or even a cute lace dress with a blue jean jacket! 

For a date night wear a lace dress paired with heels for a sexy evening look or with cute wedges for a flirty day time look!

I LOVE LACE!! So if you don't have any in your closet have no fear below is a few tops that can be found at The Rustic RedHead!!

...And you better believe this RedHead is rocking lace at this very moment!!!

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