Fabric Flower headband/necklace tutorial!


Ribbon or strips of fabric
glue gun

To start of tie your ribbon or stip of fabric in a knot...This helps start your rosett and helps from burning your fingers on the hot glue!! OUCH**

      Next place a small dot on your felt ...enough to glue down the knot


            Now that your dot is glued down you can start twisting the ribbon in a circle
glueing it down as you go.

                                  After making all your flowers embellish them to your liking!! If your like me more is better :)

                            Now if you want to make a headband on the back of your flowers glue your headband in the middle

                   Then you put the the backing on...and DONE SON!!!! Super easy.....
If want to make a necklace just glue to strips long enough to tie in the back in a V so that the ribbon lays nice and flat on your chest!!

Please ignore the eyebrows ugh havent had time to get them waxed!! no judging please!!

Heres the necklace!!! Too cute and too easy!!! Just pair necklace with a simple dress and simple pearl stud earrings and BAM a way cute outfit for fourth of July or any occasion!!!

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