I love summer because we leave the dull boring colors of fall and winter and enter a bright and electric season!!! I love being outside I love the warm air on my skin and the colors of spring and summer are so vibrant  I feel like I can express my loud most of the time out of control personality through what I wear!! But back to neons...there most def in and you can wear them in so many different ways!!!

<-------- fyi mission putting together a outfit like this starts now!!!!

Don't feel like you have to be neon head to toe...that might be a little much ....pair a neutral top with neon pants for a fun work outfit or daytime look( or if you live in Texas a neon short or vs versa neon top with neutral short or print!)

Or a neon blazer with neutral dress( I'm def ordering a neon blazer!! Its a nice pop to an ordinary outfit and the broad shoulders paired with such a danity materail is sooo cute!!) but if your in Texas you might need to find a vest cause its a lil hot for blazers unless your work keeps the air down super low and you get cold throghout the day!

if thats still to much just accessorize in neon

The Rustic RedHead and Neon......

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