Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches ....MmMmMMm


Chicken Breast
French Bread
Red Onion
Hot Sauce
Chili Powder
Garlic Salt

Start by cleaning your chicken and trimming off fat!

 After you have all the breast cleaned and trimmed its time to season them!

 I used garlic salt, chili powder, and pepper!( I am very generous)

As Paula Dean says don't be afraid to rub your meet lol

 Place breast skin side down in a medium low pan coated with a little olive oil! Go check out my tutorial on how to make perfect juicy chicken every time!!Perfect Chicken

While I'm waiting on the chicken to cook I'm gonna prep veggies and make a seasoned mayo spread!

Start with plain mayo!

  Take a clove of garlic and chop really fine(mince)! Start by smashing the garlic, it makes it easier to take the outer layer off!

Next I add the minced garlic , pepper, a dash of salt, and a dash of Cheyenne pepper. 

mix together and done!!

 Slice your onion...If you leave the end piece it holds your onion together as you cut!


  Chop your lettuce and now all your sandwich condiments are ready

  When the chicken is finished let it sit for 10 min so the juices can settle


  empty a majority of the juices in the pan, leaving just enough to coat the bottom of the skillet

Melt the butter in the skillet( since I'm using a smaller skillet so I cannot fit all my bread into it at once,  so I like to only melt a couple tsp at a time

Using a serrated knife I cut down the middle of the entire french bread loaf( I jacked subways method... this way it keeps all my yummy fillings inside the sandwich instead of when you take a bite everything falls out!) 

Then cut your individual sandwiches depending on how big or small you want them....

Once the butter is melted open up the bread and place in the skillet to toast up butter!

Make sure you give it enough time to toast up or it will be soggy!

 While your bread is toasting up, thinly slice your chicken breasts!

    Lastly, assemble your sandwich ...starting with a good helping of the seasoned mayo.

 Next, add the chicken

 Follow that by adding some hot sauce for a little extra flavor...kickin it up a notch

Then add the onions ( I love onions so I put them on heavy)

    Last, add your lettus ( I used romaine if you were wondering!!)

Now enjoy!! This is my family's favorite and my husbands all time favorite!! If you need a sucking up meal this is it...I could fix this and get away with anything lol or use it as a bargaining strategy!!!

** By the way this is a pretty pocket friendly meal and its a one pan meal too!
This makes about three 6 inch subs( you could cut them smaller for a sandwich party tray!! Football is right around the corner I promise you these will be a hit for sure!!!)   for about $15 depending on your local market
Def beats subway prices!!

Hope you enjoy!! I love hearing feedback so leave me some love!

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