Hello strangers!!

Hi everyone!!

Sorry for being such a stranger these days!! Truth is I go go go and when I get a chance to get online and fool around its on pinterest or facebook promoting!! Horrible I know!! The good news is I'm back and I have a couple of exciting things to share with you!!!!

First off, I'm up and going at my newest location!! Yes I said newest!! I've moved The Rustic RedHead Boutique 3 times in 6 months!! Ridiculous I know....my husband said I'm not allowed to move locations for the rest of the time I'm in business lol! I can't blame him ... he gets stuck with all the heavy lifting!! lol My new location is amazing!!! Tucked away in downtown Belton off of the cutest little creek!

      Whats even better...or really bad in terms of my waist line is... I'm right across the way from The Gin steakhouse, The Weigh Station frozen yogurt ( the best I might add), next door to Coronas Mexican restaurant, and catty cornered from Bodega Bean coffee shop!!! Oh and literally just a few steps away from Woodhouse Day Spa!!


I really don't think I could of found a more perfect location!!! It's such a fun and relaxing environment for all age groups! In the evenings Thursday-Saturday you can find lawn chairs sprawled across the the court yard,kids playing, and live music from local artists! O and helllooo the food no matter which restaurant you choose either Cornonas Mexican restaurant or The Gin steakhouse...its deeeelishh!!! I still cannot believe I was lucky enough to move the boutique in such a prime time location!!! It was the location I would often imagine myself in as I ate lunch at The Gin before going back to my tiny,ghetto, and hard to find shop a few blocks over! Who would of thought that one of my lil lunch dates at the Gin would lead to such a great opportunity! Everything happens for a reason! Its like a new world down here compared to the last location!
Ok sorry I'm rambling on!!! On to the next exciting thing!! I have started up a motivational blog over on tumblr!! Like I don't have enough on my plate lol!! But I feel like its my way to give back to those who need a little push or just a little hope! So many ppl have helped and encouraged me along the way ... and honestly without them I'm not sure where I would be in life!! I'm pretty excited about this lil blog...its a personal uplifting blog! I almost at first wasn't going to tell anyone about it..at least the ones I know, but I though you never know who it might help. Who knows..maybe it won't help anyone but if it can inspire one young woman or mom to do something for themselves and to love themselves than it was well worth it!!
Last but not least!! I'm starting a home makeover/organizing series on The Rustic RedHead blog!! I'm sick of my house.... when you buy your first home sometimes you acquire things from others to help you fill up your house...well I did and although I was greatly appreciative of all the help at the time... I now what to redecorate my house to express my personality and style which is always changing lol!!  But each week I'll be showing you how to do something inexpensive around the house to jaz it up!! I have a big to do list around my house and since I can't afford to do everything at once I thought I could invest in a home improvement project/ organizational project for the place I spend most of my time ... that is when I'm away from work!!


  1. Anonymous10/11/2012

    I've never been to your store, but I ran across your blog a while back and I've seen you refer to your first store as "ghetto" on two different occasions. You chose that location, it obviously was the gateway to better things, it was a representation of who you are (all businesses are a reflection of their owners) and you've said it's literally right around the corner from where you are now (so it couldn't be that bad). So, please, stop referring to it so negatively because it only makes you look bad in doing so. Good luck with your business.

    1. It's just a term I used ... I was mainly referring to how empty it was and how it wasn't put together very well. ( I had no previous experience in retail. I have had to learn/teach myself as I go) It’s very expensive to start up a retail shop, especially when you take a last min risk to follow your passions... It’s not easy to start up your own business when you’re a young mother with two babies to take care of...maybe you know this or maybe you don't... I'm proud of how I've grown from a small shop with limited inventory to the shop I currently have! It's still far from perfect but each day I improve on it. It doesn’t look negative for me to say that my starter shop was ghetto because it was…however it was all I could afford at the time! It was a great starter shop while I was learning and it shows growth when I compare my shop to the way it was when I first opened to how far I’ve grown. I'm sorry the comment bothered you so much (not sure why...It's not your shop) .... But thanks for your concern.

    2. Anonymous10/11/2012

      Showing growthand improvement is an amazing thing. We all look at the places we started and think hmm....look how far I have come. Think of home owners, your home is alsoa reflection of who we are. My first place after leaving homewas ghetto. My first set of hand me down furniture was the same. Now I have grown and improved those things. It doesn't mean I didn't appreciate what I had or where I started. But it was less than I wanted for myself. If you don't like this blog or what's represented in it feel free not to stop by anymore. Negative opinions are not needed.I for one don't think the beginning shop was anything but perfect to start in. But when you are a ROCKSTAR....you have to bigger things! We are so proud of you Ann.


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