Look how far I've come!!!

I came across a picture from my first location..I believe it was the first day I was open or the night before!! The difference is huge!!! I referred to my last shop as ghetto and that seem to upset some or rather a certain individual! I used that term because it was a little rink a dink shop! There's nothing wrong with that ... I've just have moved on to bigger and better things. It makes me proud to look back and see how I've grown! I don't realize the difference until I look at the pictures and compare ! I think its good to compare what you previously doing to the past... It helps you make smarter business moves and helps you make beneficial business decisions in the future!! Am I wrong?




  1. The difference is huge!! I am so proud of you. And how far you've come! Can't wait to see the next level you take your business too.

  2. Miss you love!! Thanks so much!!


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