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I'm somewhat of a pinterest addict and as I was scrolling through the food section I came across this delish looking pasta!! So decided to test it out and it was just as delish as the picture portrays!!!! Here's step by step how to prepare this! If your looking to entertain this is a great dish!!

I'm not going to post the recipe that can be found on the Goddess of Scrumptiousness blog linked underneath the pictures just going over the steps!!

Start by marinating the chicken...I was in a rush so I did the 20 min verse all night....I prefer normally  marinating over night but when your in a rush your in a rush!! lol BTW I did change up the recipe on the marinade instead of using the fresh herbs I used dry  because I already had them in my cabinet and I didn't want to spend $10 or more in fresh herbs because you only needed a couple of Tablespoons.... besides the leftovers I'm sure wouldn't of gotten used and just spoiled! I opted to save money lol!! You don't have to use as much of the dried spices so just half the measurements she listed for the fresh ones!

Next, go ahead and get your water going on the stove! Make sure you add some olive oil and salt the water good to season them noodles just right!

      Now for the sauce.... melt your butter in a skillet then add the garlic and saute until soft and tender

Add the flour and let it cook for about a minute.... Just long enough to cook the flour taste out

Then, add the ck stock and let simmer until it thickens.... last add the basil ( I used the fresh basil for the sauce) If your sauce for some reason isn't thickening like you want it to just mix a little ck stock or water with a tablespoon or two of flour then add to the sauce.

While the sauce is simmering go ahead start cooking the chicken. On medium low put a little olive oil in the bottom of a skillet.( read my tutorial on how to cook the perfect chicken...if you buy the thin pieces ignore this) When its nice and hot add your ck skin side down.( that's the smooth side)  HEB was out of chicken breast so I used a thinly cut  pieces of chicken ( sorry that was no help forgot what they called it ...its not tenders though)

While the chicken was browning up I roasted my cherry tomatoes for some added flavor...this is up to you!

When the chicken is almost done add the noodles to your now boiling water! Make sure you don't overcook your pasta...no one likes soggy noodles! Well I don't at least!! Once your chicken is brown on both sides and cooked all the way through  (165 degrees) slice it up in bite size pieces and toss in the sauce! After the noodles are down drain and add to the sauce as well!!

 Lastly chop up some fresh flat leaf parsley and garnish the top!Oh and some fresh ground parmesan cheese!! Yummy !!  This fed 6 ppl including a couple small children!!! Def going into my recipe arsenal!!!!

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