Self Tanner....

Ok I'm extremely fair skin if I don't put a lil self tanner on they are iridescent!! Not exaggerating at all..... Some tips for applying self tanner.. not a pro at this but I've done this a few times lo

Put about a quarter size of tanner in your palm and start in the middle of your calf in a circular motion start working down to your ankles and up to your knees.

You don't want to use too much tanner on your ankles and knees because they are likely to turn orange because those areas are more rough and more dry. To help avoid them from turning too orange apply just a little of lotion to just those areas before you work in the tanning solution.

Do the same thing for your thighs...start in the middle and work down and up in a circular motion! I normally just stop at my legs cause I'm in a hurry but continue with the rest of your body will probably have to have help with areas you can't reach!

I normally like going to get a versa tan weekly, but my working schedule is INSANE right now and I never can make it on a regular basis!


The problems I run in to with self tanners is first after you apply it your hands are orange

...ugh I tried using gloves but they break and I just can't rub it in my skin very good!! The spray tanners SUCK... I've really tried to give the neutrogena spray tanner a chance but it leaves me looking like I have some kind of disease !

 One night after applying my regular tanning lotion ( Fakebake) I decided to try a few things out...

#1 lemon juice does not work!! I mean maybe if you soak in it but not rubbing the juice in your palms

but there is hope...

What I found that works wonders is taking brown sugar....or regular sugar if you don't have that on hand!! I just take a couple tablespoons mix it with a little liquid soap( your really don't even have to add the liquid soap just dampen your hands) then get to scrubbing my hands like I would if I was just washing them...except I SCRUB making sure I get in between my fingers and all the way to the tips around my nails!!!I normally do this several times until my hands are clean and free from stain!Don't use hot water it dissolves the sugar.

The results are great!! And your hands feel like heaven!! I recommend giving them a scrub regardless of the self tanner or not! I have horribly rough hands and they make mine feel like amazingly soft!

                         ( my hands are a lil speckled and red from the scrubbing process lol)

But I sometimes I put this on before going out so this is a quick fix( really don't recommend this)!! Warning I recommend apply this lotion at night time because if you get any water/liquid on your legs before the tan has soaked into your skin it will literally run off!!! Putting it on an hour before you go to bed is best it has time to dry before getting in your bed and over night your body creates more heat than during the day which helps the self tanner activate!

Next week I'll make a video on how to apply and before and after pictures!


  1. Fake Bake is my fav too! I've never tried the brown sugar but I made a paste out of baking soda and lemon juice and scrubbed and that worked too.

  2. I'll have to try that next time!! I just always have some kind of sugar on hand so its just super quick and easy for me to use that!! Thanks for the feedback!!


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