Little Black Bag....Ummm AMAZING!!!

OK ladies .... maybe I'm behind but I recently subscribed to Little Black Bag .... um I'm am ecstatic to get my package!!!I was watching iblondie on YouTube and she talks about what Little Black Bag is I immediately went straight to the link to check it out.... A part of me feels like its too good to be true but I guess we will see when my package gets here!! 

What you do is.... first take a quiz so they get an idea of what your style is

I'm a sparkle bag

then choose a product you like from the products they have, then the stylist picks two items to put in your bag! If you don't like the stylist's picks no biggie you can trade the contents of your bag with other subscribers!!!! When your done trading and your happy with your bag you click the ship me my bag button and that's it!!! I'm pretty excited about this...the subscription is 49.95 but once you see what I got your gonna see its a great price!!! OBTW you can cancel the subscription at any time! 

And from what I understand the month of July is the month to subscribe... itsblondie mentioned they are throwing in a Redken sample(the sample is good size) while supplies last!! Go check it out hurry!!!

    Here's what will be in mine.....hopefully lol
When I get the package in the mail I'll do a first impressions video on my Little Black Bag!!!!

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