I absolutely love being outside during the summer! As a August baby summer time is def my favorite time of the year! I love relaxing on my porch swing watching the kids play in the distance. So its that time of the year to amp up my backyard!! I have a to do list longer than the state of Texas... but in my defense the weather and my hectic schedule has not cooperated what so ever!!

One of the things I want to do is fill my porch with birdcages and flowers!!! I love flowers on my back porch there's just something about the bright colors and the floral scent that I can't get enough of!!Oh and lets face it as far as birdcages go I could hoard them and be perfectly ok about it!! I love vintage birdcages ... they are so romantic and dainty! ughhh I can image it now... margarita in one hand mushy romantic novel in the other... the children fully entertained playing... birds chirping in the distance.... aw yes.... looks like I need to get to work!!!!

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