The 5 Love Languages Book Review!

Well a few months back I decided to do the KLOVE 30 day challenge... which if your not familiar what that  its a challenge to listen to only Christian  music for 30 days! ( best challenge ever btw) Well one week all they talked about was how great this book was and I was dying to read it! My best friend Kristina surprised me with a copy for me on me and my husband's anniversary ... I'm pretty blessed with such great friends! 
This morning I finished it as I soaked in a hot bath! Great way to start they day I  might add......  I love this book. It def gives you a different perspective on how to love your spouse. I kinda feel like this book... actually I know this book translates to other relationships in our lives not just for our relationships! It teaches you the way you need to be loved and the way you spouse needs to be loved. Sometimes we are so blinded with how we want to be loved we don't realize our spouse needs a different kind of love. I highly recommend this book to anyone!! I'm ordering The 5 Love Languages for Kids next!!! Please if you have read this book leave me a comment I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! I'll link some of the books below.... they also have a teenage themed book along with a book aimed for individuals who are not currently in a relationship!!
Have a blessed day! Remember our God is so great and with him you can do anything!


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