Flower bed madness....

I am so sick of my house decor, clutter, and well basically everything inside and out of my house is bothering me. I've been on a roll lately updating the decor and cleaning out clutter. This past weekends I slaved over the flower beds! Lets just say I'm soooo far from done!!! I concentrated on hoeing up all the weeds and clearing the beds out .... I still have to level out the bricks that border my beds, kill all the weeds in between the bricks, fill the beds up with new fresh soil, pick out my plants, and plant the plants!!! My poor blistered hands and aching body has a way to go lol.....

 My friend who is extremely high maintenance ( I love you Mandi but lets be fooo realll) was hanging out at the house while I worked my butt off. Every now and then she would venture off the couch to see what I was doing ... and things like "LOOK AT YOUR NAILS" would spill out her mouth! But a girls got to do what a girls gotta do and lets face it  with my extreme OCD and perfectionist issues the husband is not qualified to do the job lol!!!

I asked my dad ( who is the king of lawns..... I get my ocd from him but his is on a whole new level) to help  me pick out some plants.... he asked what I had in mind and the first thing that came to mind was LOW MAINTENANCE plllease .... I rather not have to repeat this process yearly much less at all! Trust me after putting in the work myself under this Texas sun you can best believe the upkeep of these suckers will be put in weekly....

Back to the main idea of this post... I'm sick of my flower beds and although I have lots of blood, sweat, and tears ahead of me I am determined to have landscaping like what you might see on the front of Home and
Gardens... Ok lets be real that's not going to happen let me rephrase that.... I'm determined to not be the worst landscaped yard in the neighborhood like I currently am.... My new goal is to take pride in the things God has blessed me with... including my jungle of a yard!!

By the way this lady must of had someone prep her beds... cause let me tell you 
A- She would not be smiling
B- She must not live in Texas...who wears jeans doing yard work
C- She's perfectly clean.... um I had mud on my face, sweat seeping through my shirt, bleeding hands, and the list goes on........



  1. Love all of these pics. Especially the walkway of the brown mansion! That's the look I'm wanting for my petite brown house! Good luck on the flower beds and manicure! Jen

    1. Thank you!!! I've been so darn busy I haven't gotten around to completing this project!! I'll post finished pictures though!!!


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