Lets get goooorrrgeOUS!!!

I'm addicted to trying to look my best!! I love finding new secrets  or attempting new and exciting looks!!! Here's just a tad of my favorite pinterest finds here lately!!!................. and if your nice I might post my makeup routine with y'all fabulous peeps!!!


I  agree that having a nice sun kissed glow can do 10 million things for a gal.... It makes you look skinner and  more tone....(that should sell it's self lets be for real) It makes you look healthy and not so washed out and it really completes an outfit!!!! Cara does an absolutely  amazing job at walking you through how to self tan!!! 

Check it out here .....How to apply self tanner!

*** tip of the day she mentions using baking soda to remove self tanner from your hands... but if you add a little lime juice it works a trillion times better!! I always keep a bottle of the pre-squeezed lemon juice on hand!!*****

My favorite thing right now when it comes to make up is highlighting and contouring!!! Cara again does a fabulous job walking you through how to apply your bronzer and highlighter!!I can't go a day without doing these steps anymore! It really defines your face and leaves you looking like a super model...which who doesn't want to look like a Victoria secrets model on the daily!! Check it out here!!!

I've tried this countless times.... and it always ends with me busting out the make-up remover cause I look ridiculous!!!! Cat eyes are just so sexy and sophisticated!! They also have a timeless look about them that I'm in love with!!! This tutorial looks easy breeeeezy and I must try tonight!!!! Check out this lovely how to !!!
                                                                    Cat eyes!!!!

Its summer time... time for wedges, cute strappy sandals, and heels!!! Lets face it the cuter the shoe the worse it hurts for the most part at least.The theory we have lived by for so long "Beauty is Pain" might not have to be so true anymore!!This is suppose to prevent blisters!! Just rub Band-Aid friction block on the parts of your feet that stick to your shoe !!! I haven't tried this one out yet but interested to see if it truly works or not!!

Products I'm loving...

Some of my favorites right now are.......

I've recently switch to Mario Badescu products and just after a few days I can tell my skin looks a lot better... I was starting to get concerned... I mean I love a good cheetah print but def not on my face!! Make sure you have a good cleanser depending on your skin type, toner, and moisturizer that has a SPF to protect you from the summer sun!!

I love this lip gloss!!! I've never heard of juice Beauty before until I got a tube of this in my monthly glam bag!! Its a very light and natural color! It smells fruity and is not sticky at all!!!

I love this bronzer and it smell like coco...  double plus!! What I love about this bronzer is that its not to harsh for me ( I'm pretty fair skin) and is great for contouring!! A little goes along way .. which is always nice! ( I swear I can't leave ulta without spending a bill.. ughghghgh)

Well I hope these tips and tricks have helped you!!!!


The RedHead

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