Summer Favorites!

Summer is almost over...haha who are you kidding here in Texas its just kicking off! I'm sure we will hit record breaking temperatures since its actually been a pretty nice summer ( 70-80 in the month of July is unheard of in Texas) ..... Anyways back to my summer favorites

This summer Bandeau tops have been extremely big!! But for those of us who can't strut around exposing over far from perfect bellies... They are perfect for low cut shirts,open back tops , and tank tops that have a large arm hole( using my most technical terms and all)! They have def been my go to for the summer!

Lace shorts I must say are another one of my favorites this summer...especially the denim with lace embellishments!!! They are just so hippie chic!!!I mean I am kind of a lace addict soooo... I might be a little basis to this! 

Turquoise ring bling!! GET IN GET IN! ( as my favorite Giogo Gals would say!) Another one of my addictions is Turquoise jewelry...let me rephrase that turquoise anything!! I love this rustic yet chic look..... its very boho and again I LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

( btw I need this shoes.... my life is just not complete without them!!!!)

Well those are some of my summer favorites/ favorites in general!What are you really feeling this summer??? I'd love to know :)

Nice chatting with y'all 
Have a Blessed Day!!

XOXOXOXOX -    Ann aka The Rustic Redhead

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