Boutique on a BUDGET!

On a tight budget... That's when its time to get creative!!

When I first opened my shop I didn't have a ton of money set aside for displays (Lets be honest I didn't have a ton of money set aside for a boutique period) Opening The Rustic RedHead boutique was def an impulsive decision but a great decision non the less.

When I  was getting started I wasn't entirely sure how I should display things and like I said I was on a tight budget and ordering displays were expensive and so not unique!! I remember searching online for cute unique displays but there wasn't a lot of information about the subject.

So if your interested in opening a shop of your own or just not sure how to find cute, unique, cheap displays for craft booths... look no further! Here are some cute ideas I came up with that cost me little to nothing at all!!

#1 Old Doors

Old doors are amazing!! The options are endless you can turn them into tables, clothing racks, shelves, the list goes on!!

I scored several of these old doors for FREE. I chose to hinge them together ( I found 10 of these awesome rusty hinges at the flea market for $15) Since the old doors were real wood they were nice and sturdy and didn't need any added support to stand on their own! 

Then I ordered hooks and these clothing racks from a retail supply store for next to nothing!

I love the way these rustic old doors look under my crystal chandeliers ... which I purchased for a good price at IKEA. 

#2 Wooden Spools

I contacted my local electrical company and again SCORED these wooden spools for FREE FIFTY FREE!! 
My shop was in need of a little height so I stack two of these huge spools on top of each other. I use them to arrange cute gifts and sometimes shoes! 
I left my spools unpainted.. I think it gives my shop another element of that rustic chic feel I love( I was being lazy) But you can paint them and decorate them cute to match anything! 

#3 Pallets

If your an avid follower of diy blogs and pinterest you already know about pallets! I was lucky  to know someone who was generous enough to give me a ton of FREE pallets from their job!! If you're not so lucky head on over to craigslist! Some one is always posting free pallets!!

Again, I purchased the clothing racks from a supply store for hardly nothing... whooola cool rustic clothing display!! I have some longer ones I've painted around the shop as well!!

# 4 

Now this display gets the most attention out of all my nifty lil rinkie dink displays! I hung old chairs on the walls and used them to hang clothes! 

Four of the chairs I had acquired from the flea market 
( only 30 bucks) that came with a table ( its in the shop too) I repainted them turquoise! They were initially for my back patio set, but ended up taking just the table to my shop... then I was left with four random chairs (they eventually became my dogs chew toys :/ )

Then got wind of this cute idea!! So I took them up to my shop  chew marks and all ( its just a little added character lol) I bought some  more random chairs at the flea market... I'll also admit to picking up a few on the curb that were left for trash !! 
( free is free )

Well there you have it! Junk makes the best displays!!! 

It was nice chatting with Y'all! What did you think of my pocket friendly displays?!?! I'd love to know leave me a comment below!!

Ann -The Rustic RedHead

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