Fried Pork Chops W/ Jalapeno gravy!

My favorite restaurant at the moment ( well for the past year or more!) is Yo Steak house in Dallas!!! I discovered this magical culinary masterpiece on one of my visits to Market. For those of you who don't know what market is its a magical place too.... but that is a whole other blog post!... Market is an overwhelmingly large mall {its out of this world} for buyers/retail stores to meet wholesale vendors and browse their collections!

I believe it was my first time ever to market and my {step} Mom 
( I don't like that word but for the sake of confusion later, I though I might outta mention it) and I decided to make a weekend trip out of the whole thing. We stayed in the West End of Dallas and stumbled on this fabulous steakhouse!! When we arrived we ordered a cocktail{like most professional shoppers do after a long day of work } and browsed the unfamiliar menu. Oh my what was that.... a Food Network best steak review printed right there in front of me!! Now if your a foodie like me and at one point of time the tv did not move off of the Food Network... this little piece of sweet news made my heart leap! The Buffalo steak it would be!! Now I know what your thinking...eww buffalo! I'm not going to lie I was tiny bit nervous about my choice, but once that perfectly cooked piece of meat hit my taste buds, I knew this was going to be an ever lasting culinary relationship!

 I got a little side tracked... man am I hungry now lol!! Well anywho back to the chops... A few weeks ago I made another trip to market! It was time to freshen the store up and what better excuse to hit up the Yo! I decided to take a big risk and order something new ... which  can only be a super bad decision or super good decision...but when I read the words... fried pork chops with jalapeno gravy.... I knew it was destiny!! 

So to make a long story short that was the inspiration behind this recipe!! Now of course my chops don't measure up to Yo ....but it did turn out pretty yummy!!

Pork chops ( used bone in)
buttermilk or milk
hot sauce
3 Cups All Purpose Flour
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp cayenne pepper
2 tsp pepper
2 tsp salt
canola oil

1/4 cup of chopped pickled jalapenos (more or less depending on how spicy you like things)
left over oil from pork chops 
1/4 cup flour 
salt and pepper to taste

Marinate your chops in buttermilk {or regular milk}
and add few squirts of hot sauce. I marinated over night but that's not necessary!

Combine your flour and seasonings.

Make sure the mixture is combined really well and all the seasonings are evenly mixed throughout. Put your frying pan on medium heat and fill about an inch of the pan with canola oil.

Now for the messy part!

coat your pork chops in the flour mixture making sure to pat the seasonings in the meat . Add back to the buttermilk marinade and back into the flour mixture. Give it a little shake and place on a plate and repeat until all the chops are double dipped in savory deliciousness. 

Drop in two or three chops at a time and let them brown on both sides. Don't over crowd the pan.

When each side is nice and brown, gently remove them to a paper towel to drain. Try not to rip off that golden brown crust that is packed with yummy flavor!! After they have drained transfer into a warm oven.

Now for the gravy!

Add the left over oil to your pan and heat to medium. 
I strained my oil and cleaned my pan before beginning the gravy.You don't have to do this but the excess flour from the pork chops can tend to burn by the time all the chops are finish cooking .

Add the jalapenos and saute for a few minutes. 

Next, slowly add your flour. You may not use the full 1/4 cup or you might need to add a little extra. You want to create a paste (roux) You don't want it overly dry and you don't want it too liquefied. 

The consistency should be bubbling nicely and when your run your spatula back in forth you can see the trail it leaves. If it resembles crumbles you've added to much flour...Don't panic just add some extra canola oil to thin it out a tad.

let the mixture cook until its nice and golden...not burnt! Keep an eye on it!

Whisk in the milk, I add enough milk to fill the pan about 1/2-3/4 way full. Continue to whisk until the gravy starts to thicken. Keep a close eye...gravy can tend to burn quickly if left unattended too long.

Once it coats the back of a spoon nicely you're done! If your gravy isn't thickening like it should, add a little cornstarch to about 1/4 cup water and add it to the pan .


It was nice chatting with y'all!! Hope your enjoyed this recipe! leave me some love below!!

Ann - The Rustic RedHead


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