{Pinterest } Chicken and Waffle Sandwich Review { Fail or Fabulous ? }

This weeks victim... Chicken and Waffle Sandwiches from

All in all it wasn't bad! I am a lover of all things savory and spicy so it was a little sweet for my liking! Maybe if the maple mustard sauce was replace with a chipotle sauce and fresh jalapenos I would of enjoyed it better.I like sandwich bread that has a bite but still light and airy, the waffles seemed a little heavy for me! I will say the fried chicken recipe was very yummy and has made the top of my list!! ( I'm actually using the same recipe for my fried pork chops this evening!) 

This recipe was a little time consuming, but I think the fact I was snapping pictures every other sec and searching for the best natural light around the kitchen ...might have been a slight factor in the lengthy time!

All in all I rate this a 5 out of ten!! It was fun practicing my food photography (which needs all the practice it can get) but this recipe def did not swoop me off my feet!!

You can find the full recipe and ingredients along with gorgeous pictures at bon appetit!

It was nice chatting with Y'all!! Have you come across a Fail pin lately? Fabulous? Or is there a pin your interested in seeing me feature? I'd love to know leave me a comment below!!!

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