Diy: Custom Price Tags

                                                                                                                           I have a new vendor in my shop and when she came in to set up.... I noticed she had the cutest custom price tags !! 

So you know me... I set out to make some of my own!! I did everything on Microsoft office word 7! It was super simple and the turn out was more       than fabulous!!

I inserted my picture from my desktop. You can use any image or logo... If you need to create a logo I suggest Pic Monkey its free and very easy to work with.

* After you insert your desired image, right click your mouse. Scroll down to the option text wrapping and select behind text. 

Next, I made a custom table: 

Press insert
Click on the table button... a drop down list should pop up
Select draw table { this allows you to create a custom box}
Then click and drag to make a table

When I created my table it moved my picture over a tad. I just clicked on the picture and readjusted it to my liking.

Now, find the insert text box tab. Scroll down to the bottom and select custom text box.

The text box automatically has a black border. Find the tab that says format , click on it, then find the shape outline button. There you should see the option for no border color.

Then add your text.

For a little extra eye appeal I added some lines. Select insert add shapes and choose the line option.

Whoola!! Fabulous custom price tags! These are great for your etsy shops or if you rent a consignment booth somewhere!!

To create multiple tags on one sheet of paper continue reading....
Right click your mouse and drag the cursor over insert.. more selections should display, look for the insert columns to your left/right. When you click either the left or the right you will get empty tables the same size has the original tag. After you have enough tables across the page...  find the selection that says add rows to the bottom!! 

Done son!!! Now print them out on card stock.

Cut them out and attach to merchandise!!!

It was nice chatting with y'all!! I hope this diy comes in handy!! leave some love below!

Ann- The Rustic RedHead


  1. Oh my Gosh!!
    This is what I need! Thank you, thank you so much Ann for sharing this! I will certainly use it!

    1. Glad it was helpful!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh my goodness, these are the cutest price tags ever!! I love the vintage look!

  3. These are really cute! How did you attach them to the merchandise?


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