DIY Wicked Wine Bottles

   These bottles turned out sooooo cute!!! They would make perfect gifts for neighbors,co-workers, friends, and family!! These wicked wine bottles would also be a fabulous hostess gift if you are attending a Halloween party this season!! Once the adult beverage is consumed you're left with a gorgeous bottle that can be reused for Halloween decor around the house!!! I'm not sure if I want to give them away though ... I really want to display them in my own house!!

I found all my labels for free fifty free at Love's Manor !! 
( all you have to do is double click on the picture you want, then left click, and select the original size download option!)

I opened a blank word document and inserted the picture I downloaded. There I re-sized the image to my liking then printed it out on card stock!

I purchased a variety of wines as well as sparkling grape juice. I'm no wine expert so I stuck to the $4 dollar wine selection! 
( The grape juice was under $3)

I removed all the labels from the wine bottles. Some left a residue so I sprayed some goop off { I think that's what its called}I had handy and it came right off!!

* If you're having difficulty removing the labels... soak them in warm water with a little dish soap! If you have a razor blade or putty brush it makes it easier to scrape the label off too.

Next, I cut my labels out.

Then I applied some Mod Podge to the backs...

And placed them on the bottles!!

lastly, I added a chevron burlap bow!!!


I invested a whole $4 bucks on this project! The labels were free and the chevron ribbon I had left over from a previous project!!!

*These would look super cute on the individual mini wine bottles for a Halloween party!! Drink the wine and use the bottles for children parties too!!**

It was nice chatting with Y'all!! Hope you liked my wicked wine bottles!! Leave some love below!!

Ann- The Rustic RedHead

P.S.Come back tomorrow to see my flea market to fab project!!!


  1. Anonymous9/26/2013

    Wow! These are ADORABLE! I am so doing this for our Halloween party! Thanks for sharing the great idea!

    1. Aren't they cute!! Glad you like them!

  2. Great idea! love the witch hazel label. I would be happy to receive a gift of a bottle of wine like this. :)
    Thanks for sharing!


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