Rain GO Away!!!

Rain and more rain around my parts.... I just knew I was going to get a ton done this weekend! Ya right... between church,birthday lunches,work, and a financial class we started... the only thing I got accomplished was a 45 min nap THE ENTIRE WEEKEND!! On a positive note I was able to start the week out Sunday morning with a killer sermon that really hit home for me! {Listen to it here} Each day God's purpose for my life gets clearer and clearer, I'm excited to grow as a Christian and lead those{ who I love so dearly} to a life of purpose as well!!! 

Well until I have something better for you... Here are somethings I've been loving this week!!!

Its back.. and it's been back for a few weeks....lol trust me I know!!

Such a sweet party!! Check it out on Jenny Collier blog!

I love these!!! It actually sparked a similar idea...but this one is a whole lot easier and mess free!!!

I'm a tiny winie ocd ...so I love some great tips to help me keep up my ocd standards!!!

Love anything turquoise... headboard under $5!! Creative Passage

It was nice chatting with Y'all!! I hope you have a blessed day!! Leave me some love below!!

Ann-The Rustic Redhead

Btw.. Check out my friends new blog....This Ole Mom!

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