How to organize your blog with thumbnail pictures & links

Today's post is a little different than the norm! A friend of mine is a new blogger and several states away .. so she requested this post! It's difficult trying to explain over the phone!! I organize my blog by subjects(which are my different pages at the top of the screen) and then I make individual blog post buttons on my pages. This allows my readers to easily find the post they are looking for instead of scrolling through all my posts!

Find the specific post you are wanting to create a button for. Click the title of the post so that you can copy the specific url for the post.

# 2 Copy the the url in the browser.

# 3 Now to your blogger dash board and select pages.

#4 Then select the page you are wanting to place your button.

#5 Now upload a picture/ thumbnail of your post.

#6 Once you have uploaded your picture ...Label the blog post directly underneath. 

#7 Highlight the title

#8 Now find your link option in the menu bar of the post. Click on it...

#9 This little box should appear.... Now in the web address area... paste the url you original copied in step #2 

#10 Press ok!

Whoooolllllaaaaa !!! Now your tutorials,recipes,etc, are nicely and easily organized!!

It was nice chatting with y'all!! Have a blessed Day! 

Ann-The Rustic RedHead

Did this help?? I'd love to know..leave me so me love!!

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  1. Hey Ann, thank you so much ! This is an awesome tutorial! Thank , you !!! Your wonderful ! Kisses xoxo

    This Ole Mom


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