Defeat Stress!

This week has left me feeling overwhelmed and on
 the verge of a mental institution!! 
October has brought on the chaos and my house is a reflection of it!{please no visitors for awhile lol} My head is pounding and I'm not sure if its the chaos closing in or just the headband I chose to wear today. 

 I've been working hard to get organized and set goals for my business which has motivated me to persevere the craziness..which is a good thing! I just wish things could slow down a tad so I can catch my breath. 

We have a wedding next weekend in Colorado... If we can break away from our businesses ... It might be refreshing to get away from everything! 

Until then,here are some ways to reduce stress, get focused, and come out of the chaos alive!

This article has a lot of good suggestions I myself tend to use often.

One thing this article doesn't mention... The MOST important thing to do at times of need.... 
Pray!Bring your struggles to God! He doesn't want us to struggle and he surely doesn't want us to worry ourselves to near breaking levels. Let him carry the weight of your trials and trust him! Writing down your blessings and praying does the heart a world of good!

I hope this helps....I'm off to write down all that I have been blessed with!! {Which is more than I deserve for sure}


P.S. Try listening to Klove or Christian music.... I've found it truly lightens my load and brings my mind to peace!!

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