Hand-painted Princess Signs

I made a cute dress-up wardrobe out of an old book case  for Miss K's princess tea party! { Check out the full tutorial at 
Gingerly Made on the 18th... I think that's my date anyways lol}

 But anywhos... I didn't need the shelves so I re-purposed them into cute signs with princess sayings. I displayed them around the tea party and eventually will hang them up in Miss K's room!

I sanded the shelves down.

I was oh so lucky to find this perfect shade of pink, well its actually probably closer to nude, on the clearance rack for $2!!!

It took two coats of paint.

I created a blank file the same size of the actual shelf  in photoshop and saved it. 

Next, I uploaded the file to Pic Monkey and designed my sign. I find its easier to use pic monkey's fonts and images rather than having to buy or find them online.

After I finished the design on pic monkey, I saved them again to my computer. Re-open them in photoshop and printed them out. In order to print them out in sections I had to play with the printing options. 

I laid out the pages to in order and traced each page with a ball point pin.When you trace the letter/images with a sharp object or pen it leaves a imprint on the painted surface. 

Lastly, I hand painted the design following the imprints that where left behind!

Once the paint dried, I lightly sanded the signs to distress them. 

Total investment.... $2 bucks!! 

Here is one the files if you would like to create your own sign! You should be able to click on it then save it to your computer. Open it up in word and re-size it to you liking!! Sorry I must of not saved the Cinderella saying!

It was nice chatting with Y'all!! Have a blessed week!!

Ann-The Rustic RedHead

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