The One Thing

Have you ever been at your wits end trying to figure out your life purpose? Being creative makes it so much harder to focus in on that ONE THING! I feel like every week I change my mind, which leaves me feeling overwhelmed and beyond confused. I don't want to be good at several things anymore... I want to be GREAT at one thing! 

The One Thing by Jay Papasan has my braining working in overtime.
He breaks down what we should be focusing our time on and shows that by focusing on one thing can leader to greater success than juggling 20 different things. 

If you're looking to achieve success or have big dreams you have got to read this book! It is an easy ready and really makes you think about your purpose in life and the journey to get there. What is the big picture you've imagined for yourself in later life. By determining where you want to be makes it easier to break down the day by day steps to get there.

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