10 DIY Advent Calendars

Christmas is such a special time for me and my family. 
Having young children really makes the holidays so much more fun. Growing up the ladies in my family were really good at making each and every holiday super special for us kids. One thing I can remember is my Advent Calendar my Oma got us every year filled with German                                                                                                                              Chocolates! 

Mine this year was filled with candy, nic nacs, small toys, movies, and activities. Sometimes things are tight during the holidays so don't over think or over spend on your advent calendar. Special activities or a few pieces of chocolate is just as exciting. Your children will cherish these memories forever!

Here are some unique and pretty advent calendars I've come across. 

I love the idea of using boxes! 

Are these boxes not the cutest?!?!?!?

This is one of my favvvvorites....

I hope you enjoyed these!!


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