I used to bake all the time and I almost forgot how much I enjoyed it! A couple years ago my hubby was diagnosed with type one diabetes and almost over night I quit baking. You see I'm not a big sweet person, well let me clarify when I do get a sweet tooth momma can tear some sweets up, but I normally don't crave sweets daily. However, Jon is a sweetsaholic and  the day he got the news he could no longer eat sweets like he had, I though he was going to have a break down!
Forget the fact he has an illness that could potentially kill him ... he was worried about not having desserts!! If I were to continue baking he would be the only one eating it and I need him around a little longer to keep me sane, so the baking came to a direct hault! He still feeds his sweet tooth more than he should but maybe one day he will get tired of me nagging him and quit cold turkey..... lol ok who am I kidding!

Anyways... Yesterday I was in a serious baking mood! I had prepared some cookie dough the night before and was dying to get them baked and decorated. I decided to give the flooding technique a try. It wasn't as difficult as I though it would be.I found a great icing recipe and guide HERE.

Here is the picture of my beautiful decorated cookies.... OHHH wait I forgot my lovely dog devoured them all before I could get to that step! Before you say "Why did you leave them out!" Well actually I had them nicely wrapped individually and tied on a serving platter to take to my sons Christmas concert... Its not like I had them laying out on the counter giving off an irresistible aromas!! Ugh oh well someone enjoyed them I guess lol...

Here are some other cute cookies!

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