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Excited to announce my new upcoming series!! Dedicated to all you newbie housewives and rookie cooks. I'd love if you subscribe and join me the next 31 days!

Tips&Tricks For The Rookie Cook

The way to any mans heart is through his stomach... right??  I always managed to pick a recipe that was overly complicated with directions I found myself googling every few minutes. My grandmother and mom are wonderful cooks and I've always grown up in the kitchen, but helping in the kitchen and preparing a meal are two very different things. They could gracefully prepare a three meal course with out missing a beat... and here I was trying no to have a nervous break down cooking chicken breasts! 

Six years later I have found my inner chef and have mastered the art of preparing an amazing meal with grace! Practice makes perfect and if it wasn't for the endless Food-Network shows, internet searches, and many failed attempts...I would have never managed to cook anything other than a great bowl of ramen noodles!

Join me for 31 days of tips and tricks for the rookie cook! Build your confidence in the kitchen and subscribe to this new exciting series today! { Subscribe by email to the top right of the screen!}

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